The Most Extreme Wiki
  • Number 10. Stoat - They will dance in front of the prey to attract the attention of the prey, and then attack the prey by surprise when the prey is fascinated.
  • Number 9. Death Adder - They use their tails as bait to lure their prey into their own death traps.
  • Number 8. Oil Beetle - They converge to look like female bees and lure male bees to take them to their destination. The larvae who succeeded in the trick took a free ride to reach the base of the female bee eggs to enjoy the pollen and nectar.
  • Number 7. Saber-Toothed Blenny - They have the same markings as cleaner wrasses, so they can infiltrate in a cleaning station with no suspicions. They even imitate the moves of the wrasse and when an unsuspecting fish that waits to be cleaned gets close enough, the blenny will attack with sharp teeth and take a piece of the victim's fins.
  • Number 6. Fork-Tailed Drongo - They can imitate more than 50 kinds of animal calls, and get something for nothing. Fork-tailed drongo first observes the warning call of the meerkats, imitates the call to scare the meerkats away, and takes the opportunity to steal the food left by the meerkats.
  • Number 5. Opossum - When they are threatened by a predator, they will immediately lie on the ground motionless. At this time, the opossum’s eyes are closed, the mouth is wide, the belly is bloated, and even the breathing and heartbeat will stop. If the opossum did not respond, the predator would mistakenly think that the prey was dead and leave.
  • Number 4. Assassin Bug - They use the corpse of the prey to hide their odor, and once the prey is dried, the corpse is used as a bait to attract more prey.
  • Number 3. Cuckoo - They can stuff their eggs into the nests of at least 125 species of birds. Once the cuckoo chicks come out, they will push the eggs and chicks out of the nest. The owner of the nest will treat this counterfeit as his own child.
  • Number 2. Cuttlefish - They will vibrantly change their colors to "hypnotize" their prey and lure them into a snare. In addition, the cuttlefish is also a love liar. The skinny male cuttlefish will turn into the same color as the female, making the strong male cuttlefish unsuspecting and taking the opportunity to mate with the female cuttlefish.
  • Number 1. Green-Banded Broodsac - They will deceive snails and birds to complete their parasitic cycle. After the snail is infected, the parasite will turn it into a zombie, it moves into its eyestalks and transforms them into the appearance of a caterpillar, and then obligates the host to go to an exposed area. There, a bird is fooled into thinking that the pulsating parasite is a grub, so it attacks the snail and eats the parasite, which is later excreted and the cycle continues...